Student Travel Insurance Deals

Student Travel Insurance Deals – Study or work abroad: travel insurance for students, PhD students, scholarship recipients and interns. Include your personal travel cover. Choose foreign health insurance – with or without travel liability insurance and travel accident insurance – for long-term stays abroad.

Enjoy full coverage for your entire period abroad and an additional six weeks in your home country. If your contract is signed for at least one year.

Student Travel Insurance Deals

Student Travel Insurance Deals

Fees for care of minors and additional costs of return or hospitalization

Erasmus Travel Insurance Through Mapfre

Waiting Time: Typical waiting time is 31 days. This time does not apply if used within 31 days of arrival. The date of arrival must be confirmed at HanseMerkur’s request. The waiting period does not apply to accidents or medical intervention to avoid an acute threat to your life.

Limit of compensation (for the following items, compensation is limited to the following amounts for the insured event):

Liability claims due to damage to rented property (first part: 20% deducted from the specified amount of the claim, minimum 50 EUR)

Damage caused to the family of the host family (first deduction: 10% must be deducted from the specified claim amount, minimum 200 EUR)

Travel Insurance For Students During Their Semester Abroad

Losses arising from the activity of your au pair (first deduction: 20% deducted from the specified claim amount, minimum €50).

Professional liability (first part: 10% deducted from the specified claim amount, minimum 200 EUR).

Bad debt insurance (first deductible: 10% deductible from the claim amount, minimum 200 EUR).

Student Travel Insurance Deals

If you live in Switzerland we recommend you visit our Swiss website. There you will get valuable information and you can get all your travel insurance online.

International Student Travel Insurance Uk

For legal reasons you are not allowed to book travel insurance on our German website. We apologize for the inconvenience in obtaining coverage for travel inconvenience and medical expenses. (including pre-existing medical conditions and COVID-19) on your next holiday

Travel with confidence and rediscover the world and discover hidden gems in every city. Because going off the beaten path is often the best way to truly fulfill your travel desires. From unspoilt natural wonders to secret restaurants. Make the most of your travel time. And explore hidden gems with peace of mind knowing you’re covered with travel insurance.

You never know what will happen on a trip. Whether it’s a flight cancellation due to bad weather or damage caused by an accident. Our travel insurance can help cover your expenses.

24/7 Emergency Medical Helpline: You can call (65) 6338 1222 for assistance in case of an accident or medical emergency anywhere in the world.

International Student Travel Insurance

For existing policyholders who purchased travel insurance before 10 April 2023 and started travel on or after 10 April 2023, please see our COVID-19 travel FAQ for more information.

You can specify the maximum amount we will pay for each family’s coverage benefit in one trip. Each policyholder will receive only the maximum benefit as per the policyholder’s coverage schedule.

Find out how to pay for your policy by choosing your preferred method below. For other payment methods accepted, you can contact us via your preferred contact method at / contact us.

Student Travel Insurance Deals

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Best Travel Insurance Companies Of 2023

The protection of all benefits in our travel insurance only applies while you are abroad. Except for the following cases:

For a personal accident, your cover starts when you leave the place where you normally live or work. (whichever is later) to start the trip or three hours before the start date shown on your insurance certificate. Whatever happens later. End of cover:

Yes, our travel insurance covers you for all travel related benefits. In addition to any conditions arising from your pre-existing medical condition¹ If you have a pre-existing medical condition we recommend that you apply for an enhanced PreX plan that covers the pre-existing medical condition. For coverage of pre-existing medical conditions, see the Enhanced PreX Plans section.

The definition of pre-existing medical conditions also applies to injuries or illnesses suffered by members of your family or during travel.

Best Travel Insurance Companies Of October 2023

Recreational activities available to the general public/tourists such as bungee jumping, scuba diving and motorcycling. (including pylon riding), horse riding, winter sports, rafting are covered under our standard policy terms.

However, dangerous or professional sports and activities are not covered under our policy terms. You can contact us on 6788 6616 if you want to check if the activity you are participating in is available.

If my family consisted of me, my father, my wife and my children, we would travel together. Can I buy under family coverage?

Student Travel Insurance Deals

You may consider purchasing family coverage for you, your spouse, and your children and adding an insured for the father. This can be done by choosing your family protection plan. Then add the insured on the next page.

How To Make The Best Use Of Travel Insurance

If my son turns 18 this year, can I insure him? How much will the insurance premium be?

Yes, children older than 30 days but under the age of 21 can get insurance as children. For details you can see our premium tables found on our website.

You can buy child cover under all plans. Or choose adult coverage with Classic, Deluxe, Enhanced PreX Basic and Enhanced PreX Superior plans. Your child can become insured if they are 16 years of age or older.

I will travel abroad for a year. Can I buy a travel insurance policy for a year?

Overseas Student Health Cover Insurance

You can use your travel insurance plan per trip for 180 consecutive days for Classic, Deluxe and Preferred plans and up to 30 days for Enhanced PreX plans. We cannot receive coverage for more than 180 consecutive days.

No. Your insurance period must cover your entire trip from the date of departure from Singapore to the date of arrival in Singapore.

Your insurance period will automatically be extended while you are abroad. During the first 14 days without additional bonuses, if:

Student Travel Insurance Deals

Our policy covers people traveling abroad for business or pleasure. It is not intended to cover people traveling for medical care.

Student Travel Insurance Vs International Student Insurance

Yes, your travel insurance covers necessary and reasonable expenses for emergency medical care, surgery, hospital, dental treatment. and ambulances that recommend or require a medical professional to receive treatment while abroad. The limit shown in the coverage table is as per your plan or up to 45 days from the date of first treatment. Whatever happens first

Yes, we will pay the necessary and reasonable costs of emergency dental treatment recommended or requested by a medical professional for you to receive treatment while abroad. Up to the limits shown in your plan’s coverage table or for a maximum of 45 days from the date of first treatment. Whatever happens first

Yes, our travel insurance will cover your specialist medical expenses. Provided you get a referral from a general practitioner. With a maximum period of 45 days from the date of first treatment or not exceeding the limits of the policy agreement whichever comes first

If I go to the doctor after returning to Singapore, will my policy cover the medical expenses incurred?

Student Travel Insurance: A Must Have For Overseas Study

Yes, we will pay all necessary and reasonable medical, surgical, hospital, dental and emergency expenses for treatment and follow-up in Singapore recommended or requested by a medical professional. Depending on the conditions shown:

Yes, you can seek medical treatment from a Chinese medicine practitioner or chiropractor. Provided that the practitioner must be registered with the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Practitioners Committee and hold a valid professional certificate. You must do this within three days of your return to Singapore. And you have up to 30 days to continue treatment.

Yes, family members can visit you. This is provided that you are admitted to a hospital abroad for at least three full days. Due to an injury or illness occurring during the trip and there are no adult family members living with you at the time

Student Travel Insurance Deals

We charge reasonable economy class shipping costs. (for air, sea or land travel) and hotel accommodation for one family member traveling. and will stay with you or one traveling companion and stay with you until medically certified by medical professionals traveling to or returning to Singapore or for a maximum of 30 days after the end of travel. It depends on which comes first.

Should I Buy Annual Or Single Trip Travel Insurance?

Yes, we will pay benefits for a full 24 hours if you are hospitalized. at most no more

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