Affordable Travel Insurance Quotes

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One of the most popular and spectacular tourist destinations is Singapore. To protect against unforeseen costs related to COVID-19, Singapore now requires all foreign visitors to have a valid travel insurance policy with a minimum coverage of SGD 30,000 due to the ongoing pandemic.

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Affordable Travel Insurance Quotes

Affordable Travel Insurance Quotes

Due to the popularity of Singapore as a travel destination for Indians, many travel insurance providers in India have started offering international travel insurance policies online. When planning your trip, you can purchase a suitable plan based on your needs and budget.

Best Travel Insurance Companies October 2023

According to the latest Singapore travel advisory, the various insurance companies offering travel insurance to Singapore from India meet the minimum requirements.

When traveling to a new country to experience the food, culture, scenery, and other attractions, having a backup plan will help keep you worry-free. With Bajaj Allianz travel insurance policy, you can be sure to have a stress-free trip.

The main advantage of opting for Singapore travel insurance from Bajaj Allianz is the comprehensive coverage that the plan offers. Whether it is medical emergencies, lost luggage or even trip cancellations, the scope of the policy covers it all.

With a call to resolve your concern, the customer care line number will ensure assistance until your issue is resolved.

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Even if you are traveling alone or traveling with your parents, Bajaj Allianz offers policies for all types of travelers.

One of the main USPs of Bajaj Allianz General Insurance is prompt resolution of claims. We want your concern to be resolved as soon as possible. Therefore, our goal is to disburse your claim amount quickly.

It should be understood that a Singapore visa is not an immigration pass. While Singapore allows visa-free entry for several nationalities, Indian citizens and those with Indian passports must apply for a visa in advance. Below are some of the visas that Indian citizens can obtain:

Affordable Travel Insurance Quotes

An authorized agent or the Singapore Overseas Mission in your area can help you apply for a Singapore visa for Indians. It is recommended that you submit your visa application at least 20 days before the date you intend to depart.

Travel Insurance With Medical Conditions

You need the following documents to apply for a Singapore visa for Indians, whether for travel or business:

Despite having a relatively low crime rate and being a highly developed nation, you still need to take precautions and ensure your safety. That’s when buying travel insurance for Singapore is a smart choice. The following are some safety tips for travelers to this nation:

You can visit the Embassy of India in Singapore at the following address or call the mentioned numbers if you need assistance related to international travel insurance online:

The Singapore dollar is the official currency of Singapore. To know the conversion rate of Indian Rupee, check the latest exchange rate on the official website of the Reserve Bank of India. In Singapore, you can only carry a maximum of SGD 20,000.

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First of all, you must take out your travel insurance to Singapore from India to keep yourself safe and protected at all times. Below are some of the top tourist destinations in Singapore:

The best time to visit Singapore is from February to April and September to November, when the weather is pleasant and humidity is low.

This is also a time with fewer crowds and many festivals. June to August is the peak tourist season and is considered a good time to visit Singapore’s beaches.

Affordable Travel Insurance Quotes

According to Singapore’s latest COVID-19 travel advisory, travel medical insurance is required if you visit the country. The best travel insurance for Singapore is also recommended based on your needs as it will protect you against various medical, accommodation or flight issues.

Best Travel Insurance Companies Of 2023

Many insurance companies have begun offering COVID-19 coverage to cover the costs of contracting this virus. To find out if your insurer covers COVID-19, read the policy document carefully.

The price of your online travel insurance policy for Singapore depends on several criteria. Your age and that of your dependents, the length of your visit, and whether you need any supplements are typical decision criteria.

Depending on your preferences, you can purchase an international travel insurance policy for Singapore online or offline. However, buying it online will only take you a few minutes.

I hereby authorize Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co. Limited. call me at the contact number I have available on the website with a specific request to call me back at a convenient time. I further declare that, regardless of whether my contact number is registered in the National Customer Preference Registry (NCPR) in the Fully or Partially Blocked category, any call or SMS sent in response to my request will not be construed as a non-commercial communication. . requested although the content of the call may have as its purpose the explanation of various insurance products and services or the application and contracting of insurance companies. Additionally, I understand that these calls will be recorded and monitored for quality and training purposes, and may be made available to me if necessary. Get coverage for travel inconveniences and medical expenses (including pre-existing medical conditions and COVID-19) on your next vacation.

Is Travel Insurance Worth It?

Travel with confidence, rediscover the world and discover hidden gems in every city, because going off the beaten path is often the best way to truly satisfy your wanderlust. From unspoilt natural wonders to secret dining spots, make the most of your trips and explore hidden gems with peace of mind knowing you’re protected with travel insurance from .

You never know what would happen when you travel. Whether it’s a flight cancellation due to bad weather or injuries caused by an accident, our travel insurance can cushion your costs.

24/7 Medical Emergency Line: You can call (65) 6338 1222 for assistance in case of an accident or medical emergency anywhere in the world.

Affordable Travel Insurance Quotes

For existing policyholders who purchased travel insurance before April 10, 2023 and their trip begins on or after April 10, 2023, please see our COVID-19 Travel FAQs for more information.

International Health Insurance Plans

You can check the maximum amount we will pay for each family coverage benefit section during any trip. Each insured is only allowed the maximum benefit per insured in the coverage table.

Find out how you can pay for your policy by choosing from the preferred methods below. For other accepted payment methods, you can contact us through your preferred contact method at /contact us.

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Coverage of all the benefits of our travel insurance will only be effective when you are abroad, except in the following cases:

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In the event of a Personal Accident, your coverage begins when you leave the place where you usually live or work (whichever is later) to begin your trip, or three hours before the start date shown on your insurance certificate, whichever is later. later. Cover ends:

Yes, our travel insurance will cover you against all travel-related benefits, except for conditions arising from any of your pre-existing medical conditions¹. If you have a pre-existing condition, we will recommend that you take an enhanced PreX plan that covers pre-existing medical conditions. For coverage on pre-existing medical conditions, see the section on enhanced PreX plans.

The definition of a pre-existing medical condition also applies to injuries or illnesses of your family member or traveling companion.

Affordable Travel Insurance Quotes

Leisure activities accessible to the general public or tourists, such as bungee jumping, diving, motorcycling (including escorted riding), horse riding, winter sports and rafting, are covered by our standard terms.

Digital Travel Insurance Management Software In Africa

However, dangerous or professional sports and activities are not covered under the conditions of our policy. You can contact us on 6788 6616 if you want to check if the activity you are participating in is covered.

If my family consisting of me, my father, my spouse and my child travels together, can I purchase family coverage?

You may consider purchasing family coverage for yourself, your spouse, and your child and adding your father as an individual insured. This can be done by selecting a plan for your family coverage and then adding an insured on the next page.

If my child turns 18 this year, can I still insure him or her as a child? How much would the bonus be?

Covid 19 Travel Insurance

Yes, children over 30 days old but under 21 years old can be insured as children. You can refer to our premium table located on our website for more details.

If your child is traveling alone, you must purchase adult coverage under the Classic, Deluxe, Enhanced PreX Basic or Enhanced PreX Superior plan for them. Your child can be insured if he is 16 years old or older.

I’m going to travel abroad for a year. Can I take out travel insurance that covers me for a year?

Affordable Travel Insurance Quotes

You can take out a travel insurance plan per trip with a maximum duration of 180 consecutive days

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