Business Travel Insurance Policy

Business Travel Insurance Policy – Get coverage for travel inconvenience and medical expenses (including pre-existing medical conditions and COVID-19) on your next vacation.

Travel with confidence and explore the world and discover hidden gems in every city – because getting off the beaten path is often the best way to fulfill your wanderlust. From unspoiled natural wonders to hidden food spots, make the most of your travel adventures and explore hidden gems with peace of mind knowing you’re protected with travel insurance.

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Business Travel Insurance Policy

Business Travel Insurance Policy

You never know what will happen when you travel. Whether it’s a flight cancellation due to bad weather or injuries from an accident, travel insurance can keep your costs down.

Singapore Travel Insurance

24/7 Medical Emergencies: You can call (65) 6338 1222 for help in the event of an accident or medical emergency anywhere in the world.

For existing policyholders who purchased travel insurance before 10 April 2023 and whose travel begins on or after 10 April 2023, please see our COVID-19 travel FAQ for more information.

You can refer to the maximum amount we will pay for each part of the family’s covered benefits during each trip. Each insured is only allowed the maximum benefit per insured in the coverage table.

Find out how you can pay for your insurance policy by choosing the preferred methods below. For other accepted payment methods, you can contact us/contact us through your preferred contact method.

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Covering all benefits in our travel insurance will only be effective when you are abroad except for the following:

For personal accidents, your cover starts when you start your journey from the place where you usually live or work (whichever is later) or three hours before the start date shown on your certificate of insurance. , which is later, you exit. End of cover:

Business Travel Insurance Policy

Yes, our travel insurance covers you for all travel benefits, except for any conditions arising from any of your pre-existing medical conditions┬╣. If you have a pre-existing condition, we recommend using a PreX Enhanced plan that covers pre-existing medical conditions. For coverage of pre-existing medical conditions, please refer to the Advanced PreX Plans section.

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The definition of pre-existing medical condition also applies to the injury or illness of your family member or companion.

Leisure activities accessible to the general public/tourists such as bungee jumping, scuba diving, motorcycling (including pillion riding), horse riding, winter sports, water rafting are covered under our standard policy conditions.

However, dangerous or professional sports and activities are not covered by our policy. If you want to check if the activity you will be participating in is covered, you can call us on 6616 6788.

If my family consists of myself, my father, my husband and my son traveling together, can I buy under family coverage?

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You may want to purchase family coverage for yourself, your spouse, and your child and add your father as an insured. This can be done by selecting a plan to cover your family and then adding the insured on the next page.

If my child turns 18 this year, can I still insure him as a child? How much will the premium be?

Yes, children older than 30 days but less than 21 years old can be insured as children. For more details you can refer to our top table found on our website.

Business Travel Insurance Policy

You can purchase child coverage on all plans or upgrade to adult coverage on Classic, Deluxe, Enhanced PreX Basic and Enhanced PreX Superior plans. If your child is 16 years old or older, he can be insured.

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I will travel abroad for a year. Can I buy a travel insurance policy for one year?

You can get a travel insurance plan per trip for up to 180 consecutive days for Classic, Deluxe and Preferred plan, and up to 30 days for PreX Enhanced plan. We cannot accept coverage for more than 180 consecutive days.

No, your insurance period must cover your entire trip from the date of departure from Singapore to the date of arrival in Singapore.

Your insurance period is automatically extended while you are abroad at no additional premium for the first 14 days if:

Tips To Review And Update Travel Insurance For Business Travel

Our policy covers people traveling abroad for business or pleasure. It is intended not to cover people traveling for medical treatment.

Yes, your travel insurance will reimburse you for necessary and reasonable emergency medical, surgical, hospital, dental and ambulance expenses recommended or requested by a doctor for treatment abroad, up to the limit shown in the cover table. . Your schedule or up to 45 days from the date of first treatment, whichever comes first.

Yes, we will pay the necessary and reasonable costs of emergency dental treatment recommended or requested by a doctor for treatment abroad, up to the limit shown in your plan’s cover table or for longer. 45 days from the date of first treatment, whichever is earlier.

Business Travel Insurance Policy

Yes, our travel insurance will cover the costs of your specialist treatment as long as you have been referred by a GP. This is for a maximum period of 45 days from the date of first treatment or up to the policy limit, whichever is earlier.

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If I see a doctor after returning to Singapore, will my insurance policy cover me for the medical expenses incurred?

Yes, we will pay necessary and reasonable medical, surgical, hospital, dental and ambulance treatment expenses for treatment and follow-up in Singapore on the advice or request of a doctor, subject to the conditions indicated:

Yes, you can receive medical care from a Chinese medicine practitioner or chiropractor as long as the practitioner is registered with the Council of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Practitioners and holds a valid certificate. You must do this within three days of your return to Singapore and have up to 30 days to continue treatment.

Yes, a member of your family can visit you, provided that you are hospitalized abroad for at least three full days due to injuries or illness sustained while traveling and no adult family members are with you at that time. .

Enjoy The Security Of Zurich Travel Insurance

We will pay the reasonable cost of economy class transportation (for air, sea or land travel) and hotel accommodation for a family member to travel with you or a travel companion until your doctor approves your medical condition. Continue your journey or return to Singapore or up to 30 days from the end date of your journey, whichever is earlier.

Yes, we will pay benefits for each full 24-hour period you are hospitalized, up to the amount shown in your plan’s coverage table. These benefits end after you leave the hospital abroad.

No, or our designated auxiliary company will arrange and decide on the most suitable means of evacuation. It may include air ambulance, surface ambulance, conventional air transport or any other suitable means. You can be sure that our decisions will be based solely on your medical severity and necessity.

Business Travel Insurance Policy

Repatriation benefits cover the costs incurred for the transportation and return of the insured body to Singapore or the country of origin. This is provided that the death due to injury or illness occurred abroad.

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You will be eligible to cancel your travel benefits under the following circumstances, provided it occurs 30 days before departure:

If it occurs before departure from Singapore, you will be eligible to cancel your travel benefits under the following conditions:

* Family members means husband or wife, children, parents, brother and sister, brother-in-law, brother-in-law, brother-in-law, grandparents, grandparents, daughter-in-law, your child. -Son or grandson

We will pay for transport (air, sea or land travel) and accommodation costs that you have paid or agreed to under the contract and which you cannot recover (including travel agent cancellation fees) up to your scheme benefits. You must first request a refund of prepaid expenses by the carrier or accommodation. We will reduce your claim by the amount reimbursed to you by the transport or accommodation provider.

Business Travel Insurance [2023 Guide]

If I cancel my trip two months before my departure date due to serious illness, will it be covered by my travel insurance?

No, you will only be covered by our travel insurance cancellation benefits if you cancel 30 days before your departure date from Singapore for

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